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Media Statement

December 22, 2017

Canine Care Certified today issued the following statement, to clarify its role as an independent, nonprofit certifying body for responsible dog breeders.

“Canine Care Certified is firmly focused on assuring the health and welfare of dogs and puppies raised by breeders by promoting rigorous standards, developed at Purdue University to address dogs’ physical, behavioral and emotional well-being. No other program sets more deliberate, stringent guidelines, backed up with third-party onsite verification by trained, vetted auditors, for breeders across the nation raising dogs and puppies. We are proud of the significant work that has been done to bring this program to market, and we welcome those breeders prepared to voluntarily commit to the highest levels of canine care.

“We appreciate the enthusiasm and support for our work that has been expressed by USDA and others. We absolutely share their dedication to the humane care of dogs and puppies. That said, a hallmark of our program is its independence. It is not influenced or authorized by any other entity than the Center for Canine Welfare. It is not part of any legislative initiative, structure or body. This includes those offered by USDA and other organizations.

“Canine Care Certified is and always has been a voluntary program that respects breeders’ choices to opt in or not. We are committed to continuing operating based on this core value.

“Further, as a nationwide, non-profit organization, the Center for Canine Welfare, which operates Canine Care Certified, is prohibited from legislative, regulatory or lobbying activity.

“Canine Care Certified will continue to partner with individuals and organizations that embrace our high standards, our respect for breeder and consumer choice, and our desire to grow our base of certified dog breeders. That is our mission and our daily work.”

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CONTACT: Hinda Mitchell, 614.537.8926,

Download a PDF version of this statement.