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Pet stores that provide dogs raised by certified breeders value the Standards of Care and understand that consumers deserve to know that their dog and that dog’s parents were well cared for.

Whether purchasing a dog from a breeder directly or through a pet store, consumers are encouraged to ask for the dog’s records. The records should include a letter from the certified breeder as well as a breeder specific Canine Care Certified logo indicating that the dog was raised under the rigorous program.

(Note: If dogs do not have the required Canine Care Certified documentation, consumers and pet store owners are asked to follow up with the breeder as well as notify the Center for Canine Welfare at

Canine Care Certified Marketing Materials

Pet stores that sell dogs raised by Canine Care Certified breeders may request marketing materials from the Center for Canine Welfare. Materials include signage artwork, program messaging and window clings for the front door and for displays that only feature dogs raised under the stringent Standards of Care.

Request Marketing Materials

Pet Store Resources

Pet stores are welcome to encourage breeders they work with daily to participate in Canine Care Certified. The below letter offers some helpful language that pet stores may use to reach out to breeders about the program.

Letter for Breeders

It is important that pet store employees know about Canine Care Certified and can answer questions for consumers who are interested in learning more. The below language is an important tool to share with employees.

Talking Points for Pet Store Employees