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What does it mean to purchase a dog from a Canine Care Certified breeder?

For consumers, the designation indicates that puppies and dogs raised by a Canine Care Certified breeder are raised under an independently audited program that ensures that specific health and welfare standards have been met. Dogs from certified breeders may be sold privately or commercially.

The program provides an added measure of assurance that certified breeders are attending to their dogs’ physical, genetic, and behavioral health, and are committed to continuously raising the bar on the standard of care and attention they offer to their dogs.

Certification matters

Animal scientists and veterinarians know that physical health is only one measure of the welfare of a dog or puppy.

When choosing a dog or puppy raised by a breeder, consumers have a right to expect that not only were the basic necessities met but also that the dog’s physical, social and behavioral needs were addressed.

Consumers also can trust that certified breeders are being provided with ongoing education focused on meeting the genetic, physical health, and behavioral needs of dogs and puppies.

Certified breeders can’t stop “puppyhood”

Certified breeders raise dogs and puppies to specific health and welfare standards. However, these dogs and puppies will still exhibit what are considered “normal” behaviors –chewing, jumping, etc. While the standards for certified breeders provide guidance on dogs’ behavioral needs and steps they must take to support these, all dog owners should expect that their pets will need basic training (including potty training) to successfully transition to their new homes.

How to learn more about Canine Care Certified breeders

Before taking a dog into your home, every family should educate themselves on the needs of the type of dog they are considering to ensure that they can provide for those needs. Adding a furry member to the family is a big decision that requires extensive research on the part of the consumer on not just the type of dog they are considering, but also on the individual dog they are deciding on and the parents of that dog.

Take the time to review this website and learn more about Canine Care Certified and the specific standards that encompass caring for dogs’ physical and behavioral needs.

What to Ask the Breeder or Pet Store

Consumers wishing to purchase a puppy or dog that has been raised to the rigorous standards of the Canine Care Certified program should ask the retail outlet or breeder for proof of current certification.

Breeders should be able to provide customers and consumers with a current copy of their certification.

When purchasing a dog at a retail pet store or other commercial location, ask the retailer whether they purchase animals raised by Canine Care Certified breeders. Ask to see a copy of certification paperwork for their breeders. Look for the Canine Care Certified seal on each puppy’s pedigree papers. (Please note: The Center for Canine Welfare does not certify pet retailers, only breeders.)