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The program was developed at the request of a small group of breeders that wished to have uniform, nationwide, and voluntary standards that considered physical and behavioral welfare of dogs and puppies raised by breeders. The certification program is based on standards developed and led by Dr. Candace Croney, Ph.D. at the Purdue Center for Animal Welfare Science in 2013.

Those Standards of Care are the foundation and metrics of Canine Care Certified. Consumers and pet owners can be assured that dogs and puppies raised under the program by certified breeders are cared for under stringent standards.

It was important for us to participate in Canine Care Certified because we are committed to always raising the bar and improving the lives of dogs. Through our participation in the program, we have improved our documentation practices, enhanced public perception and awareness about responsible dog breeding, and highlighted our dedication to ensuring dogs are well cared for.

This has been a heartwarming and comforting process for the new pet families we are working with daily. They don’t have to assume anything about how the dog was raised. It’s laid out for them in the standards. They understand and can see, through our certification, our sincere desire to always raise the bar.

It is my hope that the pet community knows that this is a voluntary program that is backed by science. We had an outstanding experience working with the Center for Canine Welfare and would 100 percent recommend this program to other breeders.

Terry Buening, Canine Care Certified Breeder (My PawPaws Puppies)