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Certified Daily Log Library

Canine Care Certified is committed to supporting breeders throughout the certification process by helping them implement the standards into their kennel operations without impacting their ability to care for the dogs.

To that end, Canine Care Certified provides example logs that breeders and their veterinarians are encouraged to use to help them meet the important and rigorous standards set forth by the program.

While breeders are not required to use these suggested examples specifically, they must provide daily tracking of activities and written plans as part of the Canine Care Certified process.

Breeders are encouraged to avoid duplicating paperwork that is already in use. If records have been completed for another purpose (e.g. USDA or state inspections) that meet the request for information, breeders may simply email these documents to as part of their application submission. Breeders also should keep this paperwork to share with their Canine Care Certified auditor.

The templates are categorized to correspond to the Canine Care Certified application. Some categories offer a variety of form options to consider, however the primary form to meet the minimum documentation criteria for Canine Care Certified standards appears first.

These examples may be edited as needed to meet the individual needs of the kennel.

Primary Document
Optional Document

Animal Management

Body Condition Score

Body Condition Score .pdf (232.1kB)

Waste Management


Animal Health


Animal inventory and individual animal care records

Breeding Log .pdf (46.56kB)

Whelping Log .pdf (190.4kB)

Medication or other treatment records (reason for Rx, drug used)

Veterinary Visit Log .pdf (117.74kB)

Veterinary Breeding Log .pdf (117.38kB)

Breeder Surgery Log .pdf (25.12kB)

Quarantine records of incoming/returning animals

Animal environment records (temperature, ammonia levels, humidity)

Kennel Daily Checklist .pdf (29.98kB)

Animal exercise and outdoor access records

Animal behavioral wellness records (socialization/exposure activities)

Problem Behavior Decisions

Equipment and maintenance records

Kennel Daily Checklist .pdf (29.98kB)

Employee Training

Caretaker Competency Training

Behavioral Wellness Plan for Kennel Dogs

Dog-Dog Socialization Plan AND Dog-Human Socialization Plan

Environmental Enrichment Plan

Canine Enrichment Log .pdf (403.64kB)

Low-Stress Dog Handling Plan

Plan for Prevention and Intervention of Behavior Problems

Retired Breeder Plan for Kennel Dogs