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Payment 1: Deposit

When should I pay the deposit?

The annual certification fee for Canine Care Certified is $1,500, plus $10 per dog over 50. This price includes the initial deposit of $500. You should pay the deposit after you create an online account and sign the legal agreements that protect you as well as the proprietary Standards of Care.

After paying your deposit, you will receive the Canine Care Certified Breeder Manual which includes the full Standards of Care. You also will be able to access the Breeder Toolkit with helpful resources. Following the review of the standards, any breeder who does not wish to proceed with certification, may withdrawal from the program and will be refunded the deposit (less the administrative cost).

Create an account and pay your deposit

Payment 2: Remaining Certification Fee

When should I pay the remaining certification fee?

You should pay the remaining certification fee after you have completed and submitted the Breeder Kennel Application and Veterinary Care Form (completed by a licensed veterinarian).

CCW will process your remaining $1,000 non-refundable certification fee, plus $10.00 for each adult dog on the premise with more than 50 dogs (adult dog is 16 weeks and older).

For example, if you have 60 adult dogs, your remaining certification fee will be $1,100.

Canine Care Certified Coaching

Interested in receiving coaching from a Canine Care Certified consultant to help implement the Standards of Care? Up to one hour of complimentary coaching is available for participating breeders by phone and/or email (valued at $125).

Additional coaching support also is available for purchase. Contact for more details.

Prefer to Pay By Check?

If you would prefer to pay by check, please send a check to:

The Center for Canine Welfare
6120 South Sunbury Rd
Westerville, Ohio 43081