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Goal of Certification

The goal of the program is to raise the overall standards of care for the welfare of dogs. The Center for Canine Welfare hopes to help as many breeders as possible meet those standards for certification. The team will work closely with breeders and the dog breeding community to educate them on what is needed to swiftly and fully adhere to these new and detailed standards.

How to get started

Breeders who wish to participate and become Canine Care Certified can register through the Center for Canine Welfare.

Certification Requirements

In order to be granted the Canine Care Certified designation, breeders will:
• Participate in independent, third-party audits conducted by a recognized animal care auditing authority;
• Be transparent in their operations with auditors, and allow access whenever safe and feasible to retail and business customers, as well as to consumers;
• Consider increased transparency and engagement with buyers by providing other means of access to their operations, such as live video streams; and
• Participate in certification renewal annually or no less than every second year.

Breeders who meet the criteria for certification and successfully pass the third-party audit will be designated as Canine Care Certified.

For more information about the certification process, contact